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Trials Frontier MOD APK 6.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

Trials Frontier MOD APK 6.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

One of the best-selling and well-known series by Ubisoft has now made its foothold on mobile devices. Trials Frontier MOD APK brings the addictive and questionable physics the Trials series is known for to the users all across the platform for free.

It is classified as a racing game but not the usual type; there are a lot of crazy tricks such as jumps, mid-air flips, wheelies and a ton of crashes involved. Trials: Frontier is developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft Entertainment.

The game has over ten million downloads and a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on the Google Play store.

A Story Mode

Trials Frontier MOD APK

One of the biggest things that set this installment apart from the rest of games in the Trials series is the addition of a story mode. Your journey begins with a simple tutorial but on that level, a certain area collapses and you are found in a tavern.

The theme of Trials Frontier APK MOD follows suite of a dusty frontier town, a wild western theme in simple words. The story is populated by a colorful cast of characters that introduce you to the many features of the game by referencing the buildings in the town.

The town itself acts as a hub from where you can arrange your activities. There is the tavern for example, where you were brought in by the owner and are given missions, there is the Garage next to it where you can customize or upgrade bikes, simple boards that will lead you to the world map or daily missions or challenges and many more.

In Trials: Frontier, you will be venturing through tracks as missions for various characters; each of them has their own agenda but all rewarding you in return. The quest begins when the townsfolk have been ripped off by a rival biker and thus, you are hired to save the day.

Tons of Content

Trials: Frontier MOD APK UNLIMITED MONEY has a lot on the plate as well. There are over 250+ unique race tracks and more to come in the future. It has a 50+ hour story-driven campaign and gameplay missions with 10 different environmental tile sets. Last but not least, there are 15 bikes divided into 3 tiers with all of them being customizable.

Should you get tired from the single-player mode, visit the Bunker where you can race against other players to climb the Leaderboards. There is Ghost racing where you can compete with the ‘ghost’ of another player to bring them down the ladder. You would have to score higher via tricks or beat their best time in order to do so.


Game Version


Mod Features

Unlimited Money


1) Download Trials Frontier MOD APK by clicking on the link

2) Download Trials Frontier MOD OBB by clicking on the link

3) Extract the obb zip file and then place the OBB folder inside Android/Obb folder on your device

4) Install the APK and play


Precision Gameplay

Controls and the mechanics of the Trial series is the core aspect from where the fun is generated. The entire series is built around finding and adjusting to the momentum.

That ability to shift around the weight of the rider and the speed is enough to clear you of an obstacle, a simple one at least. For more advanced players, timing counts a lot especially when you are mid-air as it ends up wasting precious seconds.

Acceleration and braking are also key and are made easier for the player with big arrows. You can use these to pull off wheelies and air-time stunts but make sure you keep the landing in mind. Overall, it is a game of pure muscle memory where even tiny twitches of the thumb can end up in jeopardy.


  • Lots of modes and content
  • Funny physics with the character models and
  • A light and hilarious theme


  • Resources are not easily available, such as fuel has to be purchased frequently
  • Geared players have a huge advantage. Those gears are also only available via purchase; this makes the leaderboards biased.


MOD Trials: Frontier APK is a fun game to get players questioning the laws of physical science. If you are new to the Trials series, then you should definitely try this out. Make sure to give It some time as this is one challenging game.

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