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Fortnite MOD APK 5.21.2 (Works On All Device)

Fortnite MOD APK 5.21.2 (Works On All Device)

Fornite MOD APK is an Android Adventure Action game, that has still yet to be released globally. Fortnite APK MOD has been developed and published by the Epic Games. The game was supposed to be released in early summer for the Android device but it looks like there has been a delay in it.

MOD Fortnite APK was previously released on the IOS, but the game was popular on the console such as PC and Play Station, I am sure the game will get super popular on the Android device once it has officially been released on the Play Store because there are over 2 billion Android users in the world.

The game has many features, character customizations and plenty of skins in the game to use. There are many characters in the game you can play with and unlock more as you earn more money in the game.

You will be dropped on a deserted island along with other real players around the world, use your skills and techniques to survive. Search houses and buildings to get new weapons, Ammo, Health, and clothing. You can even kill your enemies and take all their loot.

Fortnite APK MOD has really good graphics, you will have the same console-level gaming on your Android device if you have previously played this game on the PC or Ps.

Be the last man standing in the game. The game will not be easy as all the other players will have the same goal as you. Also, this is an Open world game, so your enemies can come from anywhere. Always keep your eyes open, and keep your eye on the MAP.

Fortnite MOD APK

Game Version


Fortnite Installer Version 2.0.2

Mod Features

Device Compatibility Check Removed
The game will Think you have a Galaxy Note 9 (You will not get free skins)
CPU/GPU/RAM check Removed
Invite check Removed


1) Download Fornite MOD APK by clicking on the link

Device check removed version – Fortnite APK MOD

2) Install it and play.



There are many more updates that are yet to come in the game, for now, the game is only accessible to players with invitation codes, however from the MOD you will download from our site, you will not need an invitation code to play.

Fortnite MOD APK is a really fun and addicting game. You will need Android version 5.0 or higher to run the game and I also recommend you have at least 2GB of RAM to enjoy the game. Hopefully, they will also release a lite version maybe just like how PUBG made a lite version of the game.

If you are looking for Fortnite APK then you can download it from our site for free today and play it.

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