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Candy Crush Saga MOD APK (Everything Unlocked)

Candy Crush Saga MOD APK (Everything Unlocked)

After being released in April 2012 by King Candy Crush Saga MOD APK quickly gained popularity and became one of the most widely played and loved games across the globe. It also bagged the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Mobile Game in 2016.

This addictive and fun game scores 4.4 stars out of 5 on Google Play and is available for mobile platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows, you can also play it from your browser. The game is updated frequently and the current version of Candy Crush Saga APK MOD is



Candy Crush Saga MOD APK

With more than 200 episodes, the game has over 2,000 levels. You have to fulfill the requirement of each level to move forward. Crush candies by matching candies of the same sort simply by swapping two candies at a time.

You get three lives at a time, if you run out of lives you can either buy them or wait an hour or so to get back to playing. At the end of each level you will be reward one, two or three stars according to the number of points you score.


Game Version

Mod Features

Everything Unlocked In The Game


1) Download Candy Crush Saga MOD APK by clicking on the link

2) Install it and enjoy



Following are the types of levels in the game.


In this sort of level, you are required to clear all the jelly on the board. Jelly can be removed by matching candies beside it or using special boosters against it. If you manage to get rid of all the jelly on the board with some moves remaining, three jellyfish for each move will come and eat some candy to help you gain extra points.

Candy Order

You will have to crush the given sort of candies in a limited number of moves to pass this level. If you have moves left in the end, some random candies will become special striped candies and wipe out a whole row or column of candies to help you gain some additional points.


Bring all the ingredients to the bottom of the board in this level by getting rid of candies below them. Just like in the Candy Order level, for every move remaining you will get a striped candy at random which will act to get you some points.


Score the required amount of points in a set number of moves to pass this level. Nothing special happens on this level if you score the required points with some moves remaining, except that any unactivated special candies will activate on their own.


This level consists of a combination of two or more types of levels.

Special Candies and Boosters

 You can also make special candies for your advantage during the game.

  • Make a striped candy by matching four candies of the same sort in a row, striped candies have the power to remove a whole row or column depending on the direction of the stripes on them.
  • Make a wrapped candy by matching 5 candies in the form of a T, a + or L. Wrapped candies can blow out 8 candies around them twice.
  • Form a color bomb by matching 5 candies in a row of the same sort. When swiped with a candy, it can remove all the candies of its sort from the board.

Boosters like Coconut Wheel, Jelly Fish, Lollipop etc have their own special effects and can be unlocked by progressing in the game. You can also purchase them from the Candy Crush store.



Candy Crush Saga MOD APK is updated a lot and every time new levels are added or some bugs are fixed. It is quite an engaging game. Once you start playing it, it might become hard for you to give it up.

The colorful candies and the funky background music are enough to keep players glued to their screens and lose track of time easily.

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