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  History of Orem High School

Lincoln High SchoolOrem High School has a long and rich history which dates back to the early years of the 20th century. Orem High was preceded in Orem by Lincoln High School which was built in 1921 and was located at 350 East 800 South. Over the years, many talented and qualified teachers taught, and several outstanding principals directed the activities at Lincoln High School, including Karl Banks, A.P. Warnick and Quinn Hatch.

As Lincoln High School became larger, it began to distinguish itself in all the activities in which its students engaged. Those who participated in debate, oratory, athletics, drama and music brought honors to the school and community. The trophy case in the hall became filled with trophies and ribbons. Since Lincoln High School was located in what was a farming community at the time, many of the boys were heavily involved in the activities of the Future Farmers of America.

During the 1950's, the growth of the community was such, that a new andContruction of Orem High in 1956 larger high school building was needed. Consequently, the new Orem High School was built in 1956 on 42 acres for a cost of about two million dollars to accommodate 1,500 students. The first class of 174 students was graduated in 1957. The first principal was Leeman Bennett who has been followed by Clifton Pyne, Berdean Jarman, John Childs, John Spencer, Jane Lindhout and is currently led by Mike Browning. The old Lincoln High School was then used as a junior high school for a time, then finally razed in 1977.

Orem High The A gym during a Tigerette review in 1957enjoyed great success in the classroom, on the stage and on the athletic fields and courts. It quickly established itself as a regular contender in state athletics competition. Academically, Orem High School showed that its exceptional students and dedicated faculty combine for great success in the classroom. Orem High students are routinely among the highest scholarship winners and many students have gone to very distinguished academic careers. Orem High and its community enjoy a wonderful unity that is to the benefit of both parties, creating cooperation and support for the school and its students.

In 2010, Orem High reluctantly said goodbye to the original building which had served the students and faculty so well for over 54 years.  A new, striking, three story facility was built on the south end of the campus property.  The impressive brick and aluminum exterior encloses an open and airy interior due to the many windows that allow natural light to fill South entrance of the new Orem High School buildingalmost every space in the building.  Many of the traditional elements in the original building have been carried over to the new school including the Orem Tiger floor medallion, the golden tiger statue as well as dozens of framed photos from school yearbooks throughout the history of Orem High hung in every hall way.  It is a beautiful and impressive new home to the tradition of excellence that is Orem High School and will serve its students for decades to come.

A teacher best described Orem High and all it represents with these words. "Orem High School is truly a one of a kind establishment. The faculty and staff are unique and have been since its inception. It is a diversified staff Orem High School entrance in 1957from many backgrounds and fields of study. There is mutual respect and admiration among both teachers and staff. It is this bond that makes Orem special. It is an honor to be a part of this tradition… This is the unique quality of Orem High. It is the reason others apply to come here. It is one of the reasons why students transfer here. It is the reason why graduates are proud to say they are from Orem High School."

History of Orem High
Orem High Hall of Fame