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  Mission Statement and Description

The mission of Electronic High School is to educate, remediate, accelerate, and graduate Utah's diverse learners with caring, qualified teachers using current technology to provide rigorous curricula, timely access to quality online instruction, and prompt professional feedback to student work.
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Things you need to know about EHS:

  • Letter-grade, quarter credits
    Each EHS class, when completed successfully, generates one-quarter (0.25) of high-school credit. All classes generate letter grades to be added to the student's transcript. Students need to work closely with their teacher to earn the letter grade they expect. EHS does NOT offer pass/fail credit for any class. As soon as the proctored final test is taken and passed, the final grade earned in the class is sent to the student's school of record here in Utah as an official quarter credit.
  • Acceleration, remediation, graduation
    Most EHS students take classes from EHS to make-up failed quarter classes or to accelerate their graduation from their local high school . The Electronic High School grants diplomas to a very restricted group of Utah students: those who are home-schooled exclusively, those who have dropped out of school and their class has graduated, and district referrals. Students admitted to the EHS graduation track need 24 credits to earn a diploma. The EHS does not grant diplomas to non-Utah students.
  • EHS classes take time
    Experience tells us it takes about 50 hours to complete a quarter credit class, or about 200 hours for a full credit. Some classes require more.
  • Classes are rigorous
    The courses are rigorous and require dedication by our students; however, each credit-granting class has a Utah teacher to mentor students for success.
  • Class enrollment dates are flexible
    The Electronic High School offers a open-entry / open-exit curriculum based on the Utah Core Curriculum. With a few exceptions, students are able to enroll any day of the year and work at their own pace until the class is completed.
  • EHS students abide by the school honor code
    "As a student of the Electronic High School, I agree to turn in my assignments in a timely manner, do my own work, not share my work with others, and treat all students, teachers, and staff with respect."
  • Work at your own pace
    We expect students to complete a quarter class within six months and to submit work consistently - at least monthly - to remain on class rolls. The one exception is Fitness for Life which has a 7-week window to complete each quarter class.
  • Accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission
    The Electronic High School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. Students who complete courses from the Electronic High School will have a course completion certificate mailed to their local school of residence with the grade and credit earned.


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